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Глава Католической Церкви в Иерусалиме официально посетил Иерусалимского Патриарха

В субботу 17-го / 30-го января 2021 года Латинский Патриарх в
Иерусалиме Его Блаженство Пьер Баттиста Пиццабалла в
сопровождении Своего духовенства официально посетил
Латинского Патриарха принял Его Божественное Блаженство наш
Отец и Патриарх Иерусалимский Феофил с Архиереями и
иеромонахами Святогробцами.
Во время этого официального визита Его Блаженство обратился к
Его Блаженству Пьеру Баттисте Пиццабалле со следующими
Your Beatitude,
On this occasion of your official visit at the newly appointed
Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, we welcome you not as a
stranger, but as an old and trusted friend. The news that His
Holiness Pope Francis had appointed you as Latin Patriarch was
widely welcomed both by your community and by all who are
committed to the well-being of the Christian presence in the
Holy Land.
Saint Paul writes in the First Letter to Timothy:
“I solemnly urge you: proclaim the message; be persistent
whether the time is favourable or unfavourable; convince,
rebuke and encourage, with the utmost patience in teaching…
always be sober, endure suffering, do the work of an
evangelist, carry out your ministry fully (2 Tim. 4:1-2, 5).
For many years, first as Custos and then as a Bishop, you have
shown yourself to be a faithful pastor to all those entrusted
to your care in the spirit of these words of Saint Paul. You
are deeply familiar with your people at this place, and we are
glad that in you as the new Latin Patriarch we have a
colleague with experience who understands the problems and the
challenges that the Christian communities are facing in our
During you time as Custos, and continuing after your
appointment as Apostolic Administrator, the co-operation that
has been built between our Brotherhoods and our communities
has produced tangible fruits that have been crucial in helping
us all, deal with the common issues that we are facing in
defending the Christian presence in the Holy Land and
safeguarding the integrity of the Holy Places for the whole
We cannot emphasise enough the importance of the mutual trust
that has grown up amongst us. Never before has the cooperation between our communities proven so effective and
productive in our common mission. We cannot forget the
instrumental role that you played in the joint effort in the
restoration of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and we thank
you for your unwavering steadfastness in this regard.
The pandemic has only made our mission more complicated and
urgent. We have greater responsibilities and our mutual
respect and co-operation are more crucial than ever before. We
have every confidence that in your role as Latin Patriarch you
will continue to give your best efforts to all that makes for
stronger and even more effective relationships.
As we know, Jerusalem is the womb from which the Church was
born, and in our own time Jerusalem can be the womb from which
new efforts for the unity of the Church may be delivered. Here
in Jerusalem, we are a witness of the authentic spirit of
ecumenism, for nowhere else on earth do so many Christian
traditions celebrate together in one place in mutual respect
and understanding and harmony. Each of us has our own
traditions, customs, and culture, and we have a deeper
understanding of the true nature of dialogue. Needless to say,
we should also mention the special place that our Anglican and
Lutheran sisters and brothers have in this ecumenical
The Divine Eucharist is at the heart of the mission of the
Church, and we must never lose our attentiveness to the path
to the union of the Churches for which we pray in every
Liturgy that will restore to us the common Chalice, when once
again we shall be able to be co-celebrants together at the
altar. We are aware that we can never be complacent. We must
deepen our communication with each other and sustain this
ecumenical spirit in all that we do.
We congratulate you as you assume your new responsibility in
this difficult time, and we assure you of our prayers and
support, as together we place the safety and security of the
Christian presence in our beloved Holy Land and the Holy
Places before all other considerations.
MAY God bless you, and may God bless all the communities
entrusted to your pastoral care.
Thank you.
Его Блаженство даровал Латинскому Патриарху икону
отреставрированной Кувуклии Пресвятого Гроба Господня и герб
В ответ Латинский Патриарх сказал, что «Я прибыл в Иерусалим
30 лет назад под послушанием, затем был назначен Кустодом
Святой Земли, а недавно – Патриархом Латинского Патриархата в
Иерусалиме. Я не имел амбиций для этих позиций, но принял их
как послушание. Таким образом, Иерусалим стал неотъемлемой
частью моей жизни за последние 30 лет. За это время принял
сотрудничество Вашего Блаженства как важную поддержку в моей
миссии, и по этой причине я благодарю и надеюсь на продолжение
этого сотрудничества для завершения проекта восстановления в
Пресвятом Храме Воскресения.


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